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Nook Screensavers

Posted by booksncooks on September 16, 2010

Are the generic screensavers on your Nook boring you? How about trying one of B&N’s free screensavers?

Free B&N Screensavers:

To upload your screensavers to your Nook, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download free screensavers to your computer, saving it to your desktop or an easy to remember location. The file should be a zip file.
  2. Connect your Nook to your computer.
  3. Open the Nook and navigate to the screensaver folder: My Computer => Drive [X]: Nook => My Screensavers
  4. Open the screensaver zip file. Inside will be another folder named after the screensavers (i.e. => HungerGames folder). Copy and paste the (or drag and drop) the entire folder into the My Screensavers folder. (Don’t try to open the folder/images)
  5. Safely remove your Nook from the computer.

Then, set your screensaver settings from your Nook: Home menu => Display => Screensaver… and select which screensaver you’d like to use. Easy as pie!

Find any other free screensavers? Please share!


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Free E-Book Resources

Posted by booksncooks on June 30, 2010

Free E-Book Resources

While the market for E-Readers has exploded in the past year, there are still concerns about purchasing them. Some worry that they won’t like reading on the screen (or simply will miss the feel of a book in their hand). Others are uncertain as to how often they’d use it – are beach vacations with all the sand? Will reading in the bathtub (a personal favorite of mine) result in a slip of the hand?

One of the biggest concerns I have read about is whether the Nook, Kindle, or other E-reader is worth it, if you don’t buy a lot of books. So, I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss some of the locations you might find free e-books. Some of these resources will have more books than others, and some may have mostly classics or books off the beaten path. I fully expect the resources for free or discounted books to increase as more and more people buy E-readers, but here are a few resources to get you started:

1. Barnes & Noble or Amazon: Each has a free book section (B&N changes periodically), and at least B&N has promotional offers periodically (for 5 weeks this summer, they’re offering a free book each week when you download it in stores.

2. Borders: Borders will soon open a section solely for ebooks, promising not to be tied to any particular device.

July 10, 2010 update: The Borders Ebook Store is now open. Most, if not all, books can be downloaded in pdf and epub formats. There is over 1.5 million free ebooks here, many of which are classics or non-English books. With such a large number, I just wish there were better search functions to make browsing the free ebooks easier.

3. Your local library: Download your chosen book and upload to your E-reader. Instructions for the Nook are here.

4. GoodReads: A website for keeping track of books you’ve read or would like to read, and a method of sharing reviews with friends. You can check out other people’s bookshelves for recommendations and discover new authors. If you click on the “explore” link, there is a tab for “e-books.” While there are a lot of classics on there, there are also some more modern choices, such as G. Norman Lippert’s James Potter series (a play off of Harry Potter).

5. Google Books: Most of you know that you can search and view a limited preview of many books through Google Books. However, at least some of the full view books (from what I’ve seen, mostly the classics) are download-able. Simply search for the book or topic you’d like, selecting full view only. When your results come up, click on the book you’d like to read. When the first page comes up, you’ll have a download option in the upper right corner, allowing you to choose between pdf and epub format.

6. Gutenberg: Offers free copies of the classics in ePub, mobi, HTML and simple text formats.

7. Smashwords: New or unknown authors offer free copies of their books. Offers multiple formats: .pdf, .epub, .rfl, .mobi

E-readers & their accepted formats:

  • Nook: .pdf, .epub
  • Kindle: .mobi, .pdf
  • Sony: .rfl, .pdf, .epub
  • I-Pad: .epub, .mobi (though an app)
  • Kobo: .pdf, .epub
  • Libre: .pdf, .epub

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Nook: Removing Books

Posted by booksncooks on June 13, 2010

I’m thrilled that my friends and family are beginning to buy Nooks. I was one of the first, and now 5 of my close friends or family members have one (I’m hoping Mom will get one for Christmas this year also.)

I was recently asked how to remove books from the Nook, as recent purchases are apparently coming with 3 free books (mine didn’t). Since I did the research, I thought I’d share what I found. These instructions are also found on page 94-95 of the user’s manual.

How to Delete Sample Books

1. Log into B&N account.

2. Navigate to My Account => My Ebook Library (bottom of the page, in the last block called Digital Management). This will give you a list of books you have in your library.

3. Under each book, there’s an option to “archive and delete.” You can either archive the book or delete it. If you archive a book, it is removed from your Nook and digital content, but you still own the book, and can re-download it at any time. (A separate link will be on the left side of the page in your Ebook Library for archived content). If you delete a book, it is gone forever (i.e. for sample chapters.) Choose your desired option.

4. Turn on Nook and navigate to “My Library.”

5. Check for new B&N content – this will download new content and update the old.

You’re unwanted books should now be deleted and will no longer appear in your Library.

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Nook-ADE How-To

Posted by booksncooks on January 18, 2010

Since I had such issues figuring out how to get library books on my Nook, I figured I’d post a quick how-to.

1. Download and set up an account for Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Make sure you’re email address and password are the same for both accounts, otherwise you may have problems authenticating.

2. Sign into your library website and download whatever books you want. Remember where you put your books – in a download folder, or another folder (I have a “Library Books” folder on my desktop).

3. Click on the *.acsm file to launch the book. (If necessary, right click, select “open with” ADE). This will load the book into ADE.

4. Turn on your Nook and plug it in.

5. In ADE, you should get a pop-up asking to authorize your Nook. If not, select the Library icon (the three books in the left corner). Use the Library drop-down menu and select “authorize Nook.”

6. From the Library, drag the book you’d like to read on your Nook, listed under Bookshelves on the left. The files will automatically go where to the correct spot.

You should now be able to read your library books on your Nook!

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